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Point & Measure

Point & Measure is a iPhone app for measuring the distance and height of objects from your phone, using only the phone's camera and sensors.

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Supported features

  • Measures distance, height and angles
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • No GPS required. Just point and measure!
  • Results in metric or imperial formats
  • Save measurements in your iPhone gallery or send it to email recipient
  • Measurement image sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
  • Calibration and zoom for better aiming

Point & Measure – measure height and distance in seconds!

Every now and then everybody has had a need to know the length or heigth of common objects around us. How high is the ceiling of my room? What are the dimensions of the carpet in the hall? These are the things we need to know from time to time. And when you need it most, you probably do not have measuring tape on hand to measure. TapTapSoft has a solution for you – turn your iPhone into measuring tape! All you need is this handy app – Point & Measure!

Aim your iPhone camera on the wall you want to measure and Point & Measure gives you answers on how far away the wall is from you and what is the ceiling height. Since Point & Measure don’t need GPS, it doesn’t matter where you use it. With it you can measure anything you can point your camera at.

Point & Measure uses angle sensors in you iPhone to calculate the distance and height to the object. It is reliable and easy to use. Best accuracy can be achieved if the object you are measuring is not more than a few meters away. In those cases this app provides good accuracy and the measurement results may differ only a couple of centimeters. Just make sure to calibrate it right and be precise while aiming the camera at the object. You can use built in zoom function to bring the object closer for better aiming.

Before you start, all you have to do is to set correct camera lens height from the ground. Since you normally hold the camera at the same height as your eyes, fill in this height under the settings. These settings are saved, so next time you want to measure something, just start measuring right away. You have to remember that you have to be at the same level as the object you are measuring. If you are standing uphill or downhill from the object, make sure to adjust camera lens height to compensate for that.

To measure the height you need to fix distance to the object first. Once this is done, you can measure height as well. If you have fixed both heigt and distance you can save your measurements or press “Clear all” to start measuring next object.

To save your measurements, aim your camera at the measured object and press the save button. Camera snaps a picture of the object and attaches measurement data to the picture. You can share the measurements on Facebook, Twitter or Tumbrl or send taken measurement picture to email recipient. All taken measurements are also saved in your iPhone gallery, so that you can browse through them whenever needed.

Some iPhones have sensors that vary a little. Therefore we have created also calibration function for advanced users. This function can also be used to compensate if you are measuring uphill or downhill from the object.

road.jpg review on June 27, 2011:
“The TapTapSoft-developed Point & Measure app offers a handy way to measure distance and height when you can’t be bothered to get the measuring tape out and do things the classic way.” Read the review here. review By Gianna LaPin on May 2nd, 2011:
“FINICKY BUT USEFUL.” Read the review here.
 jdco, Apr 20, 2011:
“Works great! Very accurate! – Bought this app while negotiating a new condo (after realizing I forgot to bring a tap measure). It works great! Allowed me to measure everything; even ceiling heights! Proved to be well worth the cost and came in very handy. Easier to use than an actual tape measure.”