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Measure Height

Have you wanted to measure your friends or your children height but lacked tape measure? With this app you can use your iPhone to measure the person’s height within seconds. It is accurate and easy to use.

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Supported features

  • Measures person height
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Easy to use – Just point and measure!
  • Results in metric or imperial formats
  • Save measurements in your iPhone gallery
  • Built in measurement image sharing via email or on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr

How to use this app

Start by specifying how high you hold your iPhone from the ground. App uses this setting to calculate person height out of iPhone tilt angle, so make sure it is correct or the result might not be accurate. Usually you hold your iPhone at the same height as your eyes, which mean that the setting should be about 10-15 inches less than your own height. Now you are ready to start measuring.

Take a few steps back from the person you wish to measure and aim the camera sight at the person’s toes and push “Start”. Now aim at the person’s top of the head. Try to hold your iPhone steady and also keep the camera lens at the same height from the ground while measuring to get accurate results. Press the “Fix height” button to lock the measurement results.

To save taken measurement, take a picture of measured person. Your Height app adds the measurements to the image and you can save taken photo in your iPhone gallery or post it on your Facebook or Twitter. You can also send taken photo by email directly from the app.